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Green Initiatives

Environmental Policy Statement (EPS)

Implementing an environmentally sustainable culture is management’s responsibility as well as the responsibility of every International Limousine employee. This policy addresses all aspects of International’s operations that can potentially impact the environment.

International Limousine Service, Inc. management and staff intend to:

  • Conduct its operations in accordance with applicable environmental protection laws, regulations and standards and provide a mechanism for self-monitoring according to local laws to ensure compliance and continual improvement.
  • Establish specific corporate targets and objectives as a way to lessen our environmental impact by reaching these targets and objectives. These targets and objectives shall be reviewed and revised as necessary on an annual basis.
  • Promote employee awareness to all International Limousine employees of environmental issues and provide education on what individual actions can be taken at their level to reduce their impact of the environment.
  • Operate our facilities and conduct our business in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Reduce our waste through recycling and dispose of all waste using safe and responsible methods.
  • Ensure that the International Limousine Service, Inc. Board of Directors is aware of the company’s material environmental issues and our plan to resolve them as it relates to our EPS.

In accordance with the above, International Limousine has been developing several programs and conducting our business to conform to the company’s EPS. The following has already been implemented and many more are in process to be introduced to International’s Staff:

  • Purchase of several fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles in order to immediately increase our MPG on our high usage vehicles.
  • Conversion of all buses to B20 bio-diesel fuel. We are the only Washington, DC area private operator to run our ENTIRE bus fleet on B20 bio-diesel.
  • Have recently purchased carbon credits to completely offset our carbon footprint through a national leading provider with access to environmentally sustainable projects.
  • Purchased a nitrogen producing tire compressor and have converted our entire tire fleet to nitrogen. Nitrogen molecules are much larger than oxygen molecules thereby reducing air seepage from our tires. Due to maintaining more consistent tire pressure we are able to extend the life of our tires, increase our MPG, which means we use less fuel.
  • All oil waste is documented and disposed of by approved EPA contractors.
  • All paper is recycled and disposed through Office Shredding, Inc.

…there is more to come!